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chevron delo campaign


In the summer of 2017, the Stoke Foundry team was honored to be chosen as the production company to provide Chevron with all of the video, photography, and radio content for their extremely successful "Game Changers" campaign.  The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness of the Chevron Delo brand through a fusion of grass roots marketing, and high end social media strategy and performance.  The strategy taken to achieve this goal was to take their two highest profile brand ambassadors from the reality television world ("The Deadliest Catch" and "Ice Road Truckers"), and send them on a road trip throughout America to meet and greet thousands of their fans at designated Love's truck stops along the way.  The Stoke Foundry team documented the entire journey by producing recap videos of all of the Love's Truck Stops meet and greets, as well as several short branded documentaries telling the stories of many of the working class truckers and farmers they met along the way who also happened to be every day Delo users.  Adding to the content creating machine that was the "Game Changers" campaign, the team also produced branded documentaries telling the stories of Chevron's brand ambassadors themselves, as well as a handful of their marketers.  All of this content was edited and finished on the road in real time, and posted to all of Chevron Delo's social media platforms.  This campaign was the most successful Chevron Delo campaign EVER.





  • 5.3 mm video views

  • 4.1 mm views to completion


  • 18.9 mm impressions through radio

  • 29mm people reached


  • 25,667 miles traveled by plane

  • 22 states traveled

  • 96 cities traveled

  • 176 hotel breakfasts

  • 1 lost drone

  • 1 found drone

everyday people


At the tour's second stop, the Stoke Foundry team saw a major opportunity to tell the stories of the hard working Americans that they met throughout the campaign.  Seizing the opportunity and pitching the approach to Chevron, the team was able to bring a truly human element to the Chevron Delo brand. We are proud to highlight such hard working and genuinely nice Americans, as well as weave their everyday use of the brand into the compelling stories of each and every one of them.  While documenting every Love's Truck Stop meet and greet, the team would also interview as many people as possible, and when they found a story that they felt needed to be told, the team would set up an on camera interview, and then send the camera crew to shoot each interview subject at their home, or workplace, or wherever best to tell the visual story of the interview.  The team would then edit these videos on the road, and then post the content on Chevron Delo's social media platforms.  This workflow was extremely successful because it created the intimate feeling that the viewers at home were right there with the tour throughout the entire summer. 




game changers

At the center of Chevron Delo's "Game Changers" campaign were Delo's own brand ambassadors who are Game Changers in their own respective industries.  The two Game Changers who were the face of the campaign were Lisa Kelly (History's Ice Road Truckers) and Dale Kitchens (a celebrity in the farming industry).  The Stoke Foundry team had the honor of creating short branded documentaries about Lisa, Edgar and Dale.  These 3 pieces were centered around specific aspects of their careers or lives that were "game changing" in their own right.  To produce these pieces, as well as to add value to the campaign, the team broke off of the tour, and shot in specific locations that were special to each celebrity.  We captured Lisa's love for horses at a horse ranch in Trinity, Texas, we "caught" Edgar in his element on his Alaskan crab fishing boat in Seattle, and we learned about Dale's love for tractors and farming equipment at his cotton and sunflower farms in Lubbock, Texas.  Because of the quality of these pieces, and the large following that these celebrities bring, we drove a ton of traffic to Delo's social media platforms.

lisa kelly

dale kitchens

marketer videos

Another facet to the media marketing strategy of this campaign was to tell the stories of some of the many "mom and pop" businesses that market and supply Delo oil products.  While on the campaign tour, the Stoke Foundry team had the opportunity to meet the owners of a handful of family owned businesses in the heart of America and tell their stories as well.  The focus of these videos were centered around how each business got their start, what challenges they come accross being an independently owned entity, and how Delo products helped them overcome these challenges.  These pieces were definitely an integral part of the campaign, and gave other independently owned brand marketers a chance to look inside why these business are so successful.



in closing...

After the success of this campaign, Stoke Foundry is now proud to call Chevron our long term client.  We had the experience of a lifetime soaking in the heart of our homeland,  and our hearts are filled with joy at the thought that we had this experience while doing what we love.  We told the stories of so many of America's rural working class, and the passion, heart, work ethic, and integrity of these kind folks was something very humbling to experience.  We also flew so many drones, "America from Above"!

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