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"It was as if everything that had gone wrong in my life, all of the bad, was lifted off of my shoulders. And I was left wanting more, much more."

 - Bobby Lane

The Film

This is a movie that will inspire the audience to find THEIR ocean. While on the surface, Bobby's story may appear to be a typical "veteran comes home messed up" story, but his journey out of that is what this film focuses on. This isn't a war movie, it's not a surf movie, this is an inspirational drama that unapologetically touches the core of human growth. His life was and still is hard, but he has a reason to live. If he can do it, anyone can. 

The documentary, "Resurface" about Bobby and Operation Surf is currently streaming on Netflix and was nominated for an Emmy.

"I have a purpose now, to help as many people as possible. If I can survive, then anyone can."

 - Bobby Lane

Ground Floor

Brian is currently working closely with Bobby Lane to develop his story into a narrative feature film. We are early in the process and are looking to build a team of passionate filmmakers to bring this movie to life.    


Will you join us?  

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